Great Tips for Finding the Best Online Guitar Lessons

If you are looking for Online Guitar Lessons and are confused about selecting a teacher or website, then this blog is the right place for you. With the advent of technology, there are quite a few websites that offer Guitar Lessons today. While most of them have tall claims to make, they may not be a good fit for you. So, the question is how to find a reliable online music method to Learn guitar that works for you.


If you have been putting off your dream of playing guitar like a pro, then here are some full proof tips for finding the best Online Guitar Lessons for you.

  • Get To Know Your Coach: A student is as good as his teacher! This statement holds true for all kinds of lessons, and non-less than learning to play a musical instrument. Thus, it is crucial that you validate the abilities and credentials of your teacher before signing up for the Guitar Lessons. Most websites have a complete biography of the instructors listed. Make sure to read it carefully to understand how experienced and skilled the teacher is and if there is a contact us area on the site use it to ask questions you may have. Obviously the more experienced the teacher the better and if they aren’t willing to take time to answer any questions or concerns you may have then they are probably not worth your time or money.
  • Teaching Methods: Learning to play a musical instrument online is pretty different than getting personal lessons from an instructor. This does not mean that online lessons are of lesser quality than the traditional ones. But when you want to Learn to Play Guitar like a pro through an online academy, the methods used really matter. So, before you enroll for the course, check out the tools they are using and methods they follow for imparting the instructions. For example, one of the most reputed online music schools, Accu Music School uses some very advanced audio visual media for their Guitar Lessonsand actually have a course outline you can look at before paying for the lessons. Once they have paid, students can access the pre-recorded lessons as many times as they want, whenever they want and learn at their own pace. This kind of teaching method offers great flexibility and support to their students. Also see if there is any kind of support system in place in case you get stuck. So, while you are looking for a suitable online course for yourself or a loved one, don’t forget to be absolutely sure about the teaching method.


  • Read The Experiences Of Other Students: There is no better way of gauging the quality of the Online Guitar Lessons than getting the feedback from former or existing students. So, don’t just skip through the testimonials, read them carefully to understand the quality of instruction offered by the particular school or teacher. See what the former and existing students have to say; it will go a long way to helping you make the right decision.


  • Compare Cost: Of course you want to Learn to Play Guitar more than anything else; but that does not mean you have to break the bank to do so. There are a number of great online schools such as Accu Music School who offer high quality lessons at a very affordable fee. Remember, high fees do not necessarily guarantee high quality of education. So, be smart and check out a few more websites for getting a reasonable course fee. This way you can Learn guitar from a great instructor and keep more money for yourself.

So, these are some tips that you can use to find the best website for you to Learn Guitar. Remember, there are great online courses where you can Learn to Play Guitar at your preferred timing from your preferred location; all you have to do is to look carefully and keep the suggestions here in mind. Good luck on your journey and HAVE FUN!


5 Reasons why Online Guitar Lessons are great for Budding Musicians

Guitar being one of the most popular musical instruments ever, has always fascinated music aficionados all over the world. The flamboyant and versatile nature of the instrument have made thousands long to try their hands on it. So, if you are one of those budding musicians and want to Learn to Play Guitar like a pro, then chances are you are weighting the pros and cons of joining a traditional guitar lesson vs Online Guitar Lessons.


Sure, one-on-one lessons with an experienced musician have been considered the best way to learn any instrument so far; but today there are many websites that offer excellent online guitar lessons.

Here are 5 awesome reasons why you should totally get your Guitar Lessons online!

  1. Learn At Your Own Pace

Every individual has his/her own pace of learning. Whether you are an adult or a child, learning a new instrument at your own pace would take away much pressure and let you grasp the knowledge and techniques in a much better manner. But, this is often not possible when you are taking the lessons with a room full of other people. With online lessons you can Learn Guitar at your own pace and enjoy the process thoroughly. When there is no pressure to keep up with the rest of the class, your creativity as a musician will flourish automatically.

  1. Online Guitar Lessons Are Highly Flexible

Whether you are a professional working on a full-time job or a student, the demanding schedules leave very little time to indulge in your favorite activities. But with online lessons, you can easily remove this hurdle and learn to play guitar from your home in your free time. Another great benefit here is, you can take the class as many times as you want. With a traditional lesson, you have to wait for the next scheduled date to clear your doubts. However, the online multimedia lessons are accessible to you anytime of the day. This way you get much flexibility to learn the instrument without hampering your job or studies.

  1. Online Guitar Classes Are Available To All

How many times you have resolved to take guitar lessons and then left the plan, as there were no great teachers in your locality? With online classes, you can get over this hurdle and get your guitar lessons from a true master. No matter which part of the world you live in, if you have internet connection at home, you can learn to play your favorite instrument without any hindrance.


  1. Advanced Teaching Methods To Help You Master The Instrument Faster

Many reputed online music academies or websites such as Accu Music School employ advanced learning techniques derived from years of experiences in traditional music teaching. This particular music school lets the student learn the instrument with more emphasis on the practical at first and incorporates more theory later on so as to encourage quick results and more enjoyment which helps the student stay engaged and excited on his/her journey to learn to play guitar.

  1. Get Your Guitar Lessons At A Much Lower Cost

Well, there is no denying the fact that traditional guitar lesson cost a lot. While no compensation is truly enough for the guidance of a great musician, the high course fees often become a hindrance for many budding musicians. Here, online guitar lessons can make your dream come true at a much lesser cost. By nature of the lessons, the teacher does not need to be physically present for each and every learning session. Thus, the cost of these online lessons comes down automatically without affecting the quality.

So, if you have been dreaming about playing guitar for quite some time now or if you want your little ones to grow up to be musicians, online guitar lessons are definitely a great start. Let your worries rest, and enroll today to learn to play guitar. Let the music flow !

How to Be Strumming Guitar with Confidence

You wouldn’t feed a juicy steak to a baby, would you? Well, I hope not – the little cutie doesn’t even have teeth! It’s so obvious, yet the logic isn’t so clear when you look around at subscription-based online music websites — and their approach to “musical infants.”

First, the child needs breast milk – and eventually baby food, applesauce, and softer stuff. Then, once she grows her teeth – she can start chewing on tougher pieces of fruits and veggies.


There’s a sequential order to foods that are safe for a small child to eat, and you don’t just plop a 16 oz. steak onto her high chair and say, “Dig in!” You start soft and simple. She doesn’t need a buffet of options.

Avoid This Dangerous Guitar-Learning Mistake

The truth is, this is exactly how most online music websites present their content to beginners. Like an infant who bit off more than they can chew, it is dangerous and unhealthy to your musical development to skip the crucial early steps of the Learn Guitar.

You might be thinking, “Well that’s good and all, Dean – but I can find a zillion plus one beginner videos on YouTube to Learn to Play Guitar. You could. And if you have bottomless supplies of time and patience – I don’t think it is a bad option at all. There are hundreds of well-meaning, passionate musicians teaching on the internet, but the unavoidable problem is…

Most of them have absolutely no clear path to guitar success! No sequence. No order. Total chaos.


It’s very sad to see most of excited new or beginners guitar players lost, confused, and frustrated because they failed to develop the Basic or fundamental building blocks needed to learn extra advanced skills, and ultimately get discouraged and give up on their dream.

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” – Ben Franklin.

That’s why it is incredibly important to take the right steps, in the right order – so you aren’t building your musical foundation on quicksand.

As wise Mr. Benjamin said it – it is much easier to get started on the right foot than to “unlearn” the bad habits that come from a bad lesson plan.

Hi, I Am Dean Ritchey – I have been teaching music lessons for over 30 years and I am helping music lovers to achieve their dreams. Check again for my blogs where I give tips on helping you avoid pitfalls during your journey of learning to play guitar.


Fast way to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Music brings out the innate feelings of a person. So the zeal to learn music has been among people since time immemorial.  Some learn music to make it in to a lucrative professional career, some as a therapy and others just for enjoyment and fun.

With the changing times, the art of learning this craft has also changed. In times past, the students took more formal training where they had to train under a skilled teacher for a number of years. I remember watching a sitcom where the protagonist was an acclaimed pianist but still she had to take a break from her professional career and train under a renowned teacher for some time to step out of her comfort zone.

However today, a transition has taken place. The budding instrumental learners believe in saving their time from useless commuting and plan to learn something fruitful in the very comfort of their homes. These days everybody is interested in value for money.

Catering to these opinions of the generation, a lot of virtual schools have come up that teach instrumental music online. Though, no matter how much the quantity, the quality always precedes. Am I not right?

Accu Music School provides qualitative online musical instrumental learning with government accredited teachers in the comfort of home at an affordable price. It offers classes for various musical instruments to the students at the beginner level and also to those who are more advanced.

Online Guitar Lessons

Excellent Guitar lessons are conducted online through pre-recorded multimedia presentations. A student can play, rewind, pause or even fast forward their lessons according to his/her requirement. Each course (called a module) has been spread into a six-week program which has six thirty minute classes with accompanying downloadable PDF files that can be printed and used for practice later on.

Easy Piano Lessons piano can be quite a task. At times, the novice student is not able to grasp the concepts of the syntax of music theory. It all depends on the type of piano teacher one has. The teachers at Accu Music School are highly experienced and have already made their mark in the field of music. The piano lessons are designed to be easy to follow with a smooth learning curve. They provide each student their own ability to customize their learning experience based on their particular learning style and needs.

Apart from this, since the instrumental lessons are all recorded, a student can conveniently practice as muchor as little as desired without any time constraints all from the comfort of home. He/she can even set the pace of the lessons according to his learning speed.

Traditional methods to Learn Piano or for that matter any instrument, can be quite expensive but with Accu Music School, they are offering quality learning at an affordable price.Plus the lessons are available 24/7 and the student can watch them from anywhere with internet access at any time, thus avoiding the stress of running late for class or missing it completely.

When you join this school, you put yourself in the hands of highly talented and experienced teachers who have helped thousands of students succeed and will make your journey from a novice to a successful player an enjoyable one.

Learn Musical Instruments Online

In today’s fast paced moving society managing time fruitfully has become a major constraint for all of us. We want to pursue our interests but are often caught up in the vicious circle of the lack of skilled experienced teachers or the time lost in commuting from one place to another.

However, all the music lovers with the zeal to learn, worry not, as Accu Music School is here to provide quality online musical instrumental learning with expert teachers in the comfort of their home.


Accu Music School offers online classes for learning various musical instruments to the beginners as well as to those who are more advanced. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who are available to the students at a more affordable price.

Online Guitar Lessons

Enriching guitar lessons for the beginners to the more advanced are offered through prerecorded multimedia presentations. A student is able to run, re- run, pause or even fast-forward these presentations according to his/her requirements. Each course (called a module) has been spread into a six-week program which has six thirty minute classes with accompanying downloadable PDF files that can be printed and used for practice later on.

Online Piano Lessons

The available piano lessons are designed in such a manner that the student is easily able to grasp the concepts of music theory. Students learn the theory in a pace that makes sense and are presented with only as much as is needed to empower the physical practical part of their learning.


Trumpet and Saxophone Lessons Online

Who can forget the saxophone in the song ‘Careless Whisper’? Trumpet and Saxophone are two such instruments that speak to the soul even when one is in the doldrums. The talented teachers at AMS make the learning of these instruments enjoyable and easy all from the convenience of home.

The teachers and the lessonsat Accu Music School will definitely make the transition from a learner to a successful player an enjoyable and smooth ride and to help you get started.